2013 Grey Sands The Mattock

You have to wonder what some people think when the decide to plant grape vines in particular locations.  There must be a certain level of confidence in the environment, soil, location and ability to make something from the resultant fruit.

Bob and Rita Richter are an amazing couple who invested so much time in finding the ideal location to grow alternative varieties, especially when it comes to doing so in Tasmania. Pat on the back, high fives and the clink of glasses.  They’ve certainly achieved it with this wine.

The Merlot stamps it’s 60% authority on the wine with juicy plums while the 30% Malbec and 10% Cab Franc give it the purple edge colour and seems to add to the aromatics.  I’ll even go out on a limb and wonder if there has been an ‘intersection’ with Gewürztraminer because it seems to have a slight pot pourri hint to it (just my opinion of course).

This is no shy 3 year old on the palate I must say.  The plums and red/black fruits are singing out above a chocolatey flavour (so says my wife) but it could well be a sweetish fruit character that I like in these varieties.  There’s that cool/cold climate peppery/savoury character chiming in oh so slightly but adding a nice dimension to the wine.

Not sure what the tannins were doing when the wine was being made but clearly they knew they were not required to add to the intrigue this wine already has.  I loved it!


Region: Glengarry, Tasmania     Price: $35     Source: Sample


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