2013 Paddy Borthwick Paper Road Pinot Noir

The Borthwick family’s involvement in farming goes back a long way but the extension into viticulture kicked off in 1996 when Paddy and his dad planted 27 hectares of vines.  Mind you, Paddy already had the credentials to get involved in the wine side of things having trained in viticulture and winemaking at Roseworthy College.  He then honed his craft in “…five countries and three continents..” (from the website) before heading back to Wairarapa to do his own thing.

I have to admit, prior to a bit of a jaunt around the south island of New Zealand (NZ) a few years ago, my experience with NZ pinot noir was, well, to be honest, zero.  I remember being very impressed but, when I returned home, I didn’t continue to explore them.  I mean let’s face it, I had Tassie pinot at my finger tips.

This wine has reinvigorated my interest big time.  It is such a lively little number right from the start. Bright, fresh and juicy and, after seeing the colour, what it does on the palate will surprise you.

The surprise is, it’s knocking on the door of medium bodied but the sweet & sour cherries and red fruits keep it a smidgen under that.  And, that’s the other thing about this wine, it is all about the fruit (which I assume is deliberate).  I detect a soft spiciness, almost a pepperiness to it as well but, as I mentioned earlier, the fruit carries all of this on it’s shoulders with ease.

I loved this NZ pinot noir and that’s saying something coming from somebody who extols the virtues of Tasmanian pinot noir.

Region: North Island, New Zealand     Price: $30     Source: Gift



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