2010 Taylors St Andrews Cabernet Sauvignon

My brother has developed quite a taste for red wine and he blames me for that.  The upside to this is, he has developed a taste for good quality wine.  When you think about the old adage of, “life’s too short to drink bad wine”, you can’t blame him.

When he contacted me (about a week ago now) to tell me he was opening this one and would I like to try it,  the google maps app on my phone automatically came up with the fastest way to get to his house.

The wine had been opened for about an hour by the time I got there but I didn’t pick that.  I thought he had opened it as I flew up his driveway.  It was just so…what’s the word…great!

Rich but elegant (even on the nose) black fruits rise from the glass telling you, you are in for a treat.

Those rich black fruits are still abundant in the mouth but this time the richness & elegance transitioned into power, opulence and smoothness.  There are very subtle flavours and aromas of oak but they are playing the supporting role perfectly.  Yes the tannins are there but they are velvety and, coupled with the fruit, so so long on the palate.  There is still so much life in this wine.

A truly delicious wine that deserves its 8 gold medals and The Warren Winiarski trophy for the World’s Best Cabernet at the International Wine & Spirits Competition.

Put some away if you can still get your hands on it.

Region: Clare Valley     Price: $65 (?)     Source: Generous sibling




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