2010 PHI Lusatia Park Sauvignon

I have an announcement to make.  I’ve decided to admit I like Sauvignon Blanc.

To clarify that, certain styles of Sauvignon Blanc.  This style of Sauvignon Blanc.

I’ve also tried three (so far) from the Adelaide Hills made by Guthrie, Chain of Ponds and Main & Cherry, and a couple of Tasmanian  fumé blancs that have hit the mark for me.

Anyway, I really liked this Sauvignon.  Even at 6 years of age, for me this wine still had some juicy pear flavours whereas my wife thought it was tropical fruit/fruit salad like.  But it was the texture, richness and length that surprised me and it was quite viscous too.  The thing that pleased me about the wine was there was no sweetness or acid poking out.

A beautifully balanced, scrumptious wine that I would buy.  There you go, I said it.

Region: Yarra Valley     Cost: $36 (online)     Source: Gift



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  1. Ah Tony! Welcome to a new world of wine appreciation! Karen’s taste for New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc has me influenced. A conversation with a Victorian winemaker last year revealed his surprising aversion to New Zealand white wine. There can be no doubt New Zealand white wine is good; the market is flooded with them after all. So what is behind this winemaker’s aversion we wonder? This chance exchange has led to a challenge to compare Australian and New Zealand white wine and we are discovering some unexpected results. For example our Tasmania visits are with Pinot Noir in mind and yet our selections are leaning heavily towards white wine. We picked up an outstanding Sauvignon Blanc: the lovely ‘Lady A’ with a staggering 96 points on the Richter scale. It’s in the box J

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