A 2014 Terrific Teusner Twosome

The first thing I did was read the Teusner story.  It is a great read but also a relaxed read and a really interesting read.  You have to read it.

I have always been a fan of their wines but have always seemed to have gravitated toward the Reibke or the Joshua & Avatar.  I haven’t consciously avoided these wines.  I am now wishing I had consciously bought these wines.

2014 The Independent Shiraz Mataro

It appears these guys did not want to show favouritism when it came to blending this wine so they made it “about 50/50” and it works for me and no doubt many vinophiles.  The Shiraz gives it plenty of oomph but the savouriness of Mataro, for me anyway, balanced out the sweet blackberry and pluminess of the Shiraz in this mix.  Silky bloody smooth too.

2014 Bilmore Shiraz

I remember reading a Winestar newsletter late last year with it saying that this wine was their wine of the year.  I made a decision to speak to my mates and see if we should all throw in a buy some because I wanted to try it.  Needless to say, it never happened so I kicked myself in the shins.

The thing about this wine was it seemed so delicate but ballsy too.  I know that is an oxymoron but, taste this wine and you will understand.  Lotsa fruit, lotsa flavour.  I think I luvs Blimore too!

I genuinely struggled to pick my favourite out of these two wines.  If I had to choose, I’d go the Teusner.

Region: Barossa Valley     Cost: $27 (I paid $40 for the two)   Source: Bottle Shop purchase



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