2013 Grey Sands Romanesque

A blend of Aglianico, Petit Verdot and Touriga Francesa, this is a delicious, more-ish wine.

The aromas are what mesmerises you at first.  Give this wine plenty of air and you’ll get a lovely hit of red fruits and white pepper which segues so easily onto the palate.  Here you are delivered even more with lush spicy cherry flavours.

The tannins are a little dry but the fruit was a big help with those and when we had it with a (partly) charcuterie spread (not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon I must say) it came into its own.

Julius Ceasar is quoted as saying, “It is better to create than to learn! Creating is the essence of life”.

Bob and Rita have created a lovely wine right here so, grab a Roman beaker or a wine glass, whichever you have handy, then drink and enjoy.

Region: West Tamar, Tasmania     Price: $40     Source: Sample

Home Grey Sands Vineyard, Tamar Valley Vineyard, Tasmania


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