2014 Kinvarra Estate Riesling

I have mentioned before that part of the vineyard at Kinvarra Estate was planted in 1990, some of it to Riesling.  I can distinctly recall tasting some old Rieslings from here at a wine expo (for want of a better word) and they were superb.  That was some time ago.

To say I was chuffed to see Riesling under the Kinvarra Estate label again is an understatement.  They have cleverly given the fruit to Kate Hill to weave her Riesling wand and it must have been so easy for her to produce such a lovely wine.

I picked it up chilled but I think it benefited from the 15 minutes drive home out of the fridge.  I loved the aromatics.  It was like the lemon/lime aromas were standing over the stone fruit aromas but not enough for them to show their worth and textural contribution to this wine.

There is a hint of residual sugar on the palate but with a nice fine acid line, an almost dry finish tells you this is Tasmanian Riesling at its best.

Delicate, elegant, smooth and rich.  The label doesn’t say much but this is a classy Riesling.

Region: Derwent Valley, Tasmania     Price: $32     Source: Sample




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