2015 Rymill The Yearling Shiraz

Let’s be honest.  Sometimes, when you pay $15 for a young Shiraz, your expectations are not high. They can be a thin, fruit bomb of a wine that hangs around as long as Clive Palmer in an administrators meeting about his nickel mine.

This $15 Coonawarra Shiraz is very different.

Juicy red fruits, plummy mid palate with a nice sprinkling of spice and pepper, it’s a lively little wine.  Thanks to the soft tannins, the flavours hang around long enough for you to google check the price.  Yep, only $15.

I’m not going to call this a barbecue wine.  It is better than that.  Have I mentioned it is only $15?

Region: Coonawarra     Price: $15     Source: Swap



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