Yalumba Y Series Wines

This series of wines is such good value for money I decided to buy four of the twelve available in the range and review them.  Admittedly, the bottle shop I went to did not have the whole range which made it a bit easier to select four.

2015 Riesling 

This is a surprise packet.  For the price it has all the things you expect from Riesling including the colour, aromas and flavours but, the added bonus, it has a soft comfortable citrus acidity that gives it some length. It’s a no brainer when it comes to future purchases of this one.

2015 Pinot Grigio

Certainly in the grigio style.  Plenty of up-front flavour with hints of spice, pear and (sort of) apple pie there too.  As expected with this style, it doesn’t hang around very long on the palate but is still quite satisfying.

2014 Shiraz Viognier

I have to admit I am a big fan of this particular wine in the series so my mind was set on ‘positive’ when I poured a taste.  Cherries and spice and all things nice.  White pepper came over the top of a juicy,  soft tannin finish.

2013 Tempranillo

I didn’t know there was a Tempranillo in the series but boy am I glad there is.  As strange as it sounds, there is quite a bit of uncomplicated stuff going on with this wine.  My wife thought blueberries but for me it was more like black cherries and a bit herbal like in a darn good way.  A ripper food wine at a ridiculous price.  Let’s hope we see subsequent vintages.

I have not tried all the wines in the Y series but if this lot is anything to go by, I may need to hunt down the others (I would have to drive to four different bottle shops to get the other varieties).  Terrific value for money wines.

Region: South Australia     Price: $13 (picked these up for $10)     Source: Bottle Shop



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