2014 Chaffey Bros Evangeline Eden Valley Syrah

Co-founded by winemaking brothers-in-law Daniel Chaffey Hartwig and Theo Engela, Chaffey Bros has developed quite a following with their cool labels and very good wines. (Daniel’s great uncle William Chaffey founded Seaview Wines in McLaren Vale so grapes/wine/winemaking/drinking wine was always in the blood)

I had only tried their Rieslings up until a mate brought this one along to a tasting we had on the weekend just gone.

This Single Vineyard Eden Valley Syrah had everybody’s immediate attention, not only due to the striking label but because of the deep dense colour and when I poured it, boy did the aromas burst from the glass.  Someone said blackberries, three or four people said plums, someone said blueberries too I think.

The aromas you experienced were also on the palate but there was plenty more good things going on.  A bit like organised chaos but in a balanced, structured elegant sort of way with a bit of pepper/spice thrown in the mix.  Everybody enjoyed it and were surprised the alcohol level was 13.9%.  I’ve been trying to think of the word that bests describes this wine and the one that springs to mind is ‘plush’.

Evangeline is Greek for “Bearer of Good News” and there is a lot of that tucked under the screwcap for the consumer.

Region: Eden Valley     Price: $35     Source: Tasting

Go to http://www.chaffeybroswine.com.au and make sure you check out their Rieslings too.




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