2014 Taylors Estate Shiraz

Everybody knows Taylors so I’m not going to go on too much about them except to say, they are still family owned and would have to be the largest winery in the Clare Valley.

I’m not sure how long this particular wine has been around but I do recall seeing it about when I was, well, a lot younger than I am now.

Check out the label.  There is plenty of gold hanging off this bottle and 3 trophies too. Lucky they didn’t put the 16 silver medals on it otherwise it would end up on the bottom shelf so as not to attract all the attention.

What can’t be overlooked is, it also won the Great Australian Shiraz Challenge.

So, I got home and opened the bottle and I’m sure I could hear the echoes of applause as I did.  So much so, I felt I had to stand up to acknowledge the ovation for the  wine.

This is one complete, polished wine. It has plenty of  flavour, it’s slurpable, it’s approachable, the tannins are harmless and, I couldn’t help myself, I kept going back for more.  I had it with lamb koftas and that seemed to work for me.

Ridiculous value!

Region: Clare Valley     Price: $20 (I’ve seen it for $15)     Source: Local Bottle Shop



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2 Responses to 2014 Taylors Estate Shiraz

  1. OMG, that is ridiculously great value!


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