2015 Wobbly Boot Pinot Noir

Wobbly Boot Vineyard is owned and operated by Paul, Lynda and Isaac Williams and is in a lovely little spot about 35 kilometres from Hobart in the Coal River Valley.  Their enthusiasm and passion for their vineyards and wines is infectious.

Most people know where Richmond is, right.  Well, head out that way , turn left then set your ‘google maps’ app and you wont miss it.  Make sure you ring them first though.  They are a small, family run, boutique vineyard open by appointment only.

Please don’t be put off by ‘appointment only’ because I know some people can be.  Paul and Lynda do this to make your visit an experience plus you will come away with a couple of new friends.

These guys only produce two wines.  A Sauvignon Blanc and a Pinot Noir but have recently planted some Riesling vines.

I had the pleasure of trying this wine at the cellar door on it’s release day.  

When we walked in, Lynda was aerating and decanting this newly released pinot and, for someone who rarely decants pinot (I’ve only ever done it once), I was a little curious but then Paul told me it had only been in bottle for a little over a week. 

The colour is almost like looking through a translucent cherry skin, if you know what I mean.  The cherry characteristic is there on the nose and palate too with plums making a bit of an appearance.  Tannins?  They quietly slipped in long enough to take some of the credit for being part of this very good wine.

I have to admit, I was hugely surprised when I tasted this wine.  What I expected for such a young Tassie pinot and what I tasted where poles apart.  It was elegant, lush and quite seductive actually.  $36 will get you a bottle of this limited release beauty.

Region: Coal Valley, Tasmania     Price: $36     Source: Cellar Door






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