2014 Faux Pas Mourvédre

Also known as Mataro and Monastrell (Spanish), Mourvédre (French) is a late ripening, thick skinned, heat resistent, aquaphobic grape that grows and ripens particularly well in McLaren Vale.  The oldest vines in Australia are in the Barossa Valley and believed to have been planted in 1853.

It is generally used in the very popular Grenache/Shiraz/Mourvédre blends but it is increasingly being bottled as a single varietal.

On the flyer with the wines it said, quite frankly, “We won’t bore you with any whimsical stories about how these wines remind us of unicorns or forest floors in Guatemala“.  I won’t do that to you either.  Not this time anyway.

The fruit is what shines in this wine both when I poked my nose in the glass and when it was given a good swish around my mouth.  Blueberries, plums and a nice deft touch of spiciness. The palate was medium to full-bodied but had a certain lightness about it too as it seemed to hover over my palate.  The tannins had the effect of a feather duster tickling my tongue and I didn’t notice the 14.5% alcohol.  It is very, very easy to drink.

The guys at Faux Pas Wines are being completely honest when they say, “We are not making wines to fit a market, we are making wines that we like to drink“.  Well, sorry guys but you are also making wines I like to drink.

This Single Vineyard Mourvédre is priced at $40 and they also made a Syrah ($30) and a Grenache ($40) from the 2014 vintage.  There is not much of these wines available so get in quick.  For more information or, if you wish to purchase this or any of their wines, email them at liam@fauxpaswines.com.au

This wine sample was courtesy of Faux Pas Wines.


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  1. T.P. you do not poke your nose in the glass! Good writing, it’s interesting and not too long. Perfect combo.


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