2013 Guthrie Obtenu Bois Sauvignon Blanc

Those who know me would be surprised, to say the least, that I have tried let alone bought a Sauvignon Blanc.  I will say though, I have tried and purchased some good Fumé styles (partially fermented and aged in oak barrels).

This wine may well have changed my views on the variety.  It is Sav Blanc but not as I know it.

Guthrie Wines is a small, family run vineyard in the Adelaide Hills.  Formerly at The Lane vineyard where he made award winning wines, Hugh Guthrie now puts his own stamp on some classic Adelaide Hills varieties such as this.

Obtenu Bois means ‘with wood’ in French so, yes it is in the Fumé style I suppose you could say but this also sits on its lees for about 12 months separating it from that style slightly.

Very subtle aromas didn’t give much away but when I tasted it my interest piqued big time.  There was plenty happening on the medium bodied palate and I really liked it’s texture which seemed to expand in my mouth the more air I sucked through it (sounds gross, sorry).

I will say straight up that I did not detect any Sauvignon Blanc characters in this wine. When I poured my wife a taste (and only a taste), she did not pick it as one.  I suggested it was a cross between Chardonnay and Fiano.

Don’t think of this wine as French in style but more like the proud, ‘top and tails’ wearing Englishman who holds his head high and walks with a profound gait while snubbing his nose at the ‘normal’ folk.

Considering the work and patience that went into getting this wine into the bottle, the $27 I paid for it is a pretty good price I reckon.  I’m happy to go on record saying, I really enjoyed this wine.




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