2014 Main and Cherry Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre

Thanks to social media (gotta love it) I was introduced to Main and Cherry.  I found one of their wines in a local bottle shop but only one.  I contacted the owner/winemaker Mike Sexton about getting some of his other wines and, hey presto, not a problem.  He was so easy to talk to and deal with.

This particular wine, however, was the result of a swap I did with Mike.  I received a great  mixed six pack of his wines in exchange for some Tassie juice.  I reckon I did alright (understatement).

Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre blends are becoming very popular, but it still pays to have a good look around for the damn good ones!

The 60% Grenache in this wine comes from 70 year old vines which tells me they are serious about the blend.  32% shiraz from Blewitt Springs and the rest made up with McLaren Vale Mourvèdre (8% for those not so good with maths).

This is a juicy little number with some really good fruit.  It has a distinct spicy/savoury note to it thanks to the Grenache and Mourvèdre and the shiraz gives a really good fullness on the palate.  It is still medium weight but packs a nice, subtle punch on the finish.

I hope you are sitting down at this point because I’m about to reveal the price.

$25 – True as I’m sitting here typing this.

Get on their website and find out where you can get it in your state, capital city, local bottlo, wine merchant, supermarket or restaurant.  The other option of course is directly from these guys.  Snap it up I say!



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