2022 Colmar Estate Riesling Releases

I have always wondered what dogs liked about having their head out of the car window and the wind blowing into their face at speed, with their ears flapping about as the vehicle motors along.  Turns out, their head is full of sensory receptors and, as the air rushes over their head, those receptors are massively stimulated and lasts for as long as they can keep their head out of the window.  Not something I have ever considered doing. 

However, I could not help but imagine what it would be like as you are driving along a coastal road with the fresh sea air in your face, or through snow covered mountains where the air is so invigoratingly cool on your face you cannot help but want more of it.  A bit like when tasting fresh, young, and vibrant Riesling that triggers off three main pleasure receptors; sight, smell and taste. Tasting these Rieslings did exactly that, which meant I had three times the sensory stimulation.


Region: Orange Region, NSW     Source: Samples thanks kindly to Colmar Estate and Define Wine

2022 Estate Riesling ($35)

A lovely introduction to the Rieslings of Colmar Estate. It is invitingly fresh and perfumed on the nose. The palate has zip and verve thanks to the citrus fruit hit of acidity tending toward a lemon influence.  With just a smidge of sweetness, it sails very close to the label of ‘bone dry’ while providing a refreshingly long finish.  Very enjoyable to say the least.

2022 Block 5 Riesling ($45)

This Block 5 takes up where the previous Riesling left off perfectly but the flavour feel on the palate has gone up a notch with this one.  Citrusy characters aplenty (more limey than lemony for me), a hint of residual sugar providing a lovely balanced mouthfeel while finishing long and moreishly fresh.  This has ‘classic’ written all over it.  Lots to enjoy too.

2022 Reserve Riesling ($55)

Goodness me!  Presence, power, poise and persistence.  Sums this Riesling up perfectly, I think.  What a lovely, lovely wine.  Taking nothing away from the previous two Colmar Estate Rieslings, this sits deservedly at the top of the tree.  Intensity, freshness, elegance, refinement and great length.  An abundance of positive adjectives could be added, but I think I’ve made my views of this wine clear. 

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