Nightfall Wines 2019 ‘The Noble Beasts’

There are many photos posted regularly on social media of sunrises and sunsets. I have to admit, some are just beautiful.  Recently, when I was working an afternoon shift, I drove along an Esplanade here where I live and the moon was up and about on a clear, almost cloudless night.  The light from the moon was like a blanket across the water.  There was a gentle breeze as well and this caused the water to ripple just enough to make the moonlight seem to sparkle and glisten giving new meaning to the words “sea of stars.” 

When you experience something like this, there is certainly something to be said for Nightfall which seems to have been captured in these Noble Beasts.  A glistening array of Coonawarra wine stars in the Australian sea of red wine varieties.


Region: Coonawarra, SA     Price: $360 for the set     Source: Thanks kindly to Sam Brand and Nightfall Wines

2019 ‘The Leo’ Cabernet Sauvignon

I’ll tell you what.  Coonawarra does Cabernet Sauvignon bloody well.  Stating the obvious, I know, but I just had to say it after being lucky enough to try the Draco, and now this one from Nightfall Wines.  This is delightful in every way.  Terrific fruit, a beguiling intensity, lovely balance and poise, captivating and charming, silky smooth with elegance in spades.  I could go on and on just like it does on the finish.  A very well made wine that is great to drink and even ponder over.

2019 ‘Aquila’ Cabernet Franc

I was pleased, very curious and a tad excited to see this variety bottled as a stand-alone variety, and I must say, this is quite an impressive wine.  It presents beautifully in the glass, and so perfumed and pretty on the nose.  Rich, lush and delicious dark fruits, delicate herbal notes, nicely played oak and really good length finishing soft and graceful.  I very much enjoyed this wine and, just my opinion of course, it has set the bar high for Cabernet Franc in this country.

2019 ‘Lupus’ Merlot

Merlot from a cool climate region is always going to raise some questions but I think that is due to wines from years past.  This is a medium bodied wine providing really good varietal plum fruit characters, a tickle of spice and herbs, a nice touch of oak is in there too and finishes with some fine tannins on a pretty good length.  This probably takes the bronze medal out of these three wines, but it was a close call and definitely not a reflection on the quality of this wine.  Far from it.

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