2018 Grey Sands Pinot Gris

I have to admit to being a little, no, a lot, excited about getting to try this wine.  It is an all-time favourite in our home and I am lucky enough to get to try it each year which, ultimately, leads to me buying some.  Oh well.  What do they say?  Life’s too short to drink bad wine, and, on this occasion, we are drinking very good wine.

This is everything I’ve come to expect from Grey Sands Pinot Gris and, maybe on this occasion, a little bit more.  The aromatic introduction is both rich and generous to the olfactory senses which leads into the usual lovely texture, coating the palate, that I’ve come to know and love. There is, as always, the intensity and depth of flavour yet, on top of that, there is a youthfulness like character to it that I can’t seem to put my finger on, but it sits ever presently on the long and fulsome finish. Another delightful release.

Grey Sands Website

Region: Glengarry, Tasmania     Price: $55     Source: Generous gift

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