2022 Shaw + Smith Sauvignon Blanc

I was listening to a podcast recently where Adam Wadewitz was interviewed.  Right from the time he started his wine journey to landing at Shaw + Smith, it sounds like everything was a seamless, natural progression for him. When he talks about working at Shaw + Smith, he speaks of his team with such reverence.  What a hell of a humble human being! I have been fortunate enough to ‘work’ for Adam as a steward at wine shows in Tasmania. I can say he is an affable, congenial and approachable type and I never felt like ‘just a steward’. He made it a team environment where we all contributed to the best outcome for the show.

For me to request Sauvignon Blanc is, let’s say, rare, especially if there are other wines on offer.  However, I knew Adam had a hand in making this wine and knew it always sets the bar high when it comes to Australian Sav Blanc so, I was not hesitant at all to order a glass of this one and it did not disappoint.

Lemons, herbs and passionfruit on the nose get things started. On the palate the freshness is evident as it exudes tropical fruit-ness with citrusy characters coming through giving it balance and verve. There’s plenty of flavour on offer with this wine and it’s easy to see why it’s popular everywhere, every year with (just about) everyone. Nicely done again team Shaw + Smith and its captain, Adam. Cheers!


Region: Adelaide Hills, SA Price: $25 Source: Interstate flight

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