2021 The Natural Wine Co Lightly Sparkling Wines

Sometimes it is so good to just have a wine and not think about it too much.  Find a glass, crack the screwcap, pour it, sit, relax aaaaaand drink!  I suppose you could call it the simple approach to wine appreciation.  Add low alcohol, low calories, organic, vegan, a bit of fizz and you have these two wines in a nutshell.  It must be said, they are a great idea and there is definitely a place for these types of wines in bottle-shop fridges.  They are probably already out there and these two wines have made me realise I need to look a bit harder.

The Lightly Sparkling White is a great way to start a lazy afternoon.  It is so light and easy, and the cheeky bunch of bubbles release enough citrusy like aromas to get the mouth watering.  It may be nice and light on the palate too but there’s enough apple and pear flavours to cause repeat pours. 

The Lightly Sparkling Rosé proved to be the perfect follow-on from the White.  Again, yes light but there’s more presence on the palate thanks to a touch of texture.  It’s all about the fresh strawberry fruit for me with the fizz adding the ‘fun’ factor.  This is very easy to like.

The Natural Wine Co Website

Region: Cowra, NSW     Price: $20     Source: Sample thanks to The Natural Wine Co and Define Wine

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