2021 Clandestine Vineyards Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir

I have a mate who is not like anyone else I call a friend.  I always know exactly where I stand with him and there’s no doubting his thoughts on something.  Honesty is his best asset.  Not everyone he meets likes this of course but he’s not fussed.  For him it’s about being unashamedly genuine and true to himself.

I feel this Pinot Noir is doing exactly that.  It’s not like other Pinots and it’s not hiding the fact.  Almost like it has a ‘take me as you see me’ attitude.

It’s a bright, pretty and juicy colour. That’s a no-brainer for me. I love the colour of young Pinot Noir; gets me every time. Fruit-full aromas, that’s for sure, thanks to ripe strawberries and a little plummy character too.  No beg your pardons on the medium bodied palate. Dark cherry and plump plums speak loudly.  There’s texture and some spiciness too as the tannins say ‘hello’ on the good length finish.  I quite enjoyed this even if it did lack the finesse and elegance I normally expect as part of a ‘Pinot package’.  I reckon a couple of years under its belt and those qualities will emerge.  I like the price too.

Region: Blewitt Springs, McLaren Vale, SA     Price: $24     Source: Sample thanks kindly to Clandestine Vineyards and Savvy Comms

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