2018 Grey Sands Shiraz

Way back in the early years of ‘the law’, if a group or gang was involved in an offence, all those charged would have to be in court for the matter to be heard.  If one was not present, the matter could not continue.  The way it was viewed in those times was, you had to have every part of the evidence for the matter to be judged fairly.  It’s a bit similar with wine.  When it is being judged, all the facets, details and characteristics need to be present for it to get a fair trial, if you like, by those tasting it.

This wine presented all the evidence required in an articulate, sound and confident manner during the tasting trial.  This included the lovely aromas redolent of fresh dark berries with a gentle hint of spiciness.  This was followed by a generous, medium bodied palate of juicy black-ish fruits, blueberries, a smidge of black pepper and supportive tannins.  The jury didn’t take long to return a unanimous verdict.  Guilty of being a very good wine!  Sentence, 5 years in the cellar.  No parole.

Grey Sands Website

Region: Glengarry, Tasmania     Price: $45     Source: A generous gift

Grey Sands Shiraz 2018 bottle shot
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