2018 Patina Orange Region Pinot Noir

When tasting a wine, I like to make notes.  Tasting this wine, I wrote: “this is not your normal Pinot.”  After re-reading my notes I thought, gee, that’s subjective.  One person’s ‘not normal’ could be another’s normal.  This can relate to anything I know, but for me, who drinks a lot of Tasmanian Pinot Noir, I immediately but not deliberately, compared it which is unfair and I should know better.  And my comparison, or judgement if you like, was also unjustified.

A bright, youthful cherry red colour in the glass, it’s quite fragrant and definitely Pinot Noir in the aroma category.  Think cherries and ripe plush raspberries, it’s a little earthy and some oak presents as well.  The palate is generous but still elegant.  Dark cherry, plums (weight watchers style. Flavour without the fatness if you know what I mean), there’s like a sweet/sour red fruit character, the oak is nicely in balance, the tannins fine and it finishes reasonably long.  This may offer a little more for a Pinot Noir than what I’m used to, but it’s a very good wine in its own right and we definitely enjoyed it.

Patina Wines Website

Region: Orange, NSW     Price: $45     Source: Sample courtesy of Patina Wines and Define Wine

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