2015 Levantine Hill Blanc de Blanc

I was listening to a podcast the other day about an enthusiastic bushwalker who was camping in the Tasmanian wilderness during winter.  He cleared an area of snow and lit a fire.  Interestingly, after a while, a number of different types of the local native fauna joined him.  The light and (probably more so) the warmth from the flames drawing them together.  Friend and foe alike were attracted to the heat and comfort the fire provided.

I reckon it would be the same if I opened a bottle of this wine in a restaurant or café.  As soon as the ‘pop’ of the bottle sounded out, people from all around would be attracted to that sound.  The aromas would draw in even more and, for those who tried it, their outward delight would be enough to draw everyone into the party.  This wine has that magnetism. 

It’s so fresh and citrusy on the nose, it just reeks of vivacity and verve.  There’s a slight herbal character plus a fresh shortbread note as well.  The palate is just so precise, pinpoint, and lively too.  Lovely acidity, stone fruit richness, it has a nice little toastiness and something akin to a ‘wow’ factor hit.  What you need to be prepared for is the finish.  You will think there is still a trickle of the wine in your mouth as you go to take another sip.  It is that persistent.  To say this is a wonderful sparkling wine seems such an understatement.  Pure delight!

Levantine Hill Website

Region: Yarra Valley, Victoria Price: $80 Source: Sample thanks kindly to Levantine Hill.

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