Chardonnay Stars from Levantine Hill

I don’t know if you’ve ever had the opportunity to visit Milford Sound approximately 4 hours from Queenstown, New Zealand during the wet months. There are a myriad of waterfalls that, for me (not so my wife), were fascinating.  I say this because, no two were alike. When you think about it, the whole shape, appearance, and flow of a waterfall is dictated by the journey it took getting to the precipice where it cascades making every waterfall unique.

Same can be said for Chardonnay. Considering the mulititude of climates where Chardonnay is grown and produced in Australia, you know that no two are going to be the same. When it finally reaches its destination (my home) and it cascades from the bottle into my glass, what I know is, I am about to taste and drink something unique to a region, a climate, a soil type. It’s terrior if you like. Even if they come from the same producer, like these two from Levantine Hill, they are individuals in their own right with idiosyncrasies and characteristics unique to them.

Levantine Hill Website

2018 Levantine Hill Estate Chardonnay

This is a powerful, elegant and immaculately presented Chardonnay. It boldly stamps its presence on every one of your senses from the intense aromatic introduction to the indomitable stimulation of your taste buds through to the rich, graceful and complex finale.  Generous, mouth-filling fruit flavours, eminently textural, delicate yet impactful acidity and incredible length, it’s a beautifully balanced Chardonnay that needs to be experienced.

Region: Yarra Valley, Victoria Price: $80 Source: Sample thanks kindly to Levantine Hill

2021 Levant Chardonnay by Levantine Hill

I was immediately intrigued by this wine when I tasted it. It seems to have a business-like air about it yet is wearing chinos and thongs below the sleek suit jacket and stylish open neck shirt. It would sit well in your best glassware at a dinner party but also in an ice-bucket beside a deck chair on the beach.  It has freshness, texture and great fruit weight on the palate. There’s a flavour mix of stone fruit and citrus fruit characters, a slight minerally note and, personality and punch. Plenty to like in this bottled beauty.

Region: Yarra Valley, Victoria Price: $38 Source: Online purchase

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