2021 Castle Rock Estate Riesling Triple Treat

We have friends who are triplets, 3 sisters, who we’ve known for many years. All born on the same day, the same year; obviously making them triplets.  Yet, they have such different personalities and idiosyncrasies that was attractive to their respective partners/husbands who themselves are different (meaning personality wise).  Nonetheless, they are very likeable in their own special way. 

These three Rieslings were harvested on the same day and subsequently (pretty much) bottled on the same day.  I reckon that makes them triplets.  Like our friends, they have their own personalities, are likeable in their own way and will each attract particular punters who like their individual characteristics.

(FYI, all were tasted over three days. The Skywalk and Porongurup hardly changed yet the RS21 seemed to develop more flavour and show the excellent balance between acid and sugar even more so).

2021 Castle Rock Estate Skywalk Riesling

A little shy to begin with but soon opened up and showed freshness and good aromatics of citrus, a little musky and floral too.  That freshness is repeated on the palate with rich flavours of lemons and limes, lemon sherbet like characters, mouth-watering acidity and it finishes long and dry.  This is lovely Riesling and great value for money.

Price: $21

2021 Castle Rock Estate Porongurup Riesling

This one is certainly not shy on the nose.  Nicely aromatic straight up in similar fashion to the Skywalk with citrus and floral characters.  Generous fruit flavours on the palate where it’s more limey than lemony, a minerally note there too. The acidity is obvious but is so delicate and fine on the excellent, elegant and lengthy finish.  This is exceptional value for money and would easily sit alongside those in the $30+ range.

Price: $26

2021 Castle Rock Estate ‘RS21’ Riesling

This was a very pleasant wine indeed.  Gee it’s beautifully balanced.  The natural acidity providing freshness and vibrancy while the 21grams residual sugar adding some body to the mid and back palate.  It has lovely, smooth lime characters (yes, that seems odd but it’s true), a nice textural feel as well, and finishes a little crisp and refreshing.  There’s no doubt Rob Diletti has nailed the acid and sugar equilibrium.  Like its two siblings, this too is great value.

Price: $21

Castle Rock Estate Website

Region: Great Southern, WA     Source: Sample courtesy of Castle Rock Estate and Define Wine

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