2020 Pig in the House Organic Shiraz

This may sound a bit odd, but when I opened this wine, poured it, smelt it and then tasted it, the first thing that came to mind (with a grin on my face) was, gee this is a cheeky little bugger. I couldn’t help but think about my (nearly) 4 year old grandson who does and says things that are so cheeky, yet so innocent that you can’t help but love him for it. 

This wine seemed to do the same for me in that it presented everything from the start in such a way that I couldn’t help but smile and nod my head in appreciation, almost like it looked at me out of the corner of its eye with a coy look on its face telling me, “You like me don’t you?”  Damn right I did.

As you’d expect, it smells fresh, youthful and so, so primary.  Red fruits aplenty and a little spicy too.  BUT (capital letters are deliberate) tasting it is where you really get to know this wine.  Dark cherries are balanced out by the freshness of raspberries, there’s a mid-palate plum like textural feel with a delicate spice character note too.  This may not make sense, however, there is modest richness about the flavours making this wine such a congenial and affable, yet cheeky youngster. 


Region: Canowindra, NSW     Price: $25     Source: Sample courtesy of Windowrie and Define Wine

Pig in the House Shiraz 2020
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