2020 Shanahans ‘Evergreen’ Eden Valley Riesling

For those who don’t already know, I landscaped our front yard late last year.  It must be said, I put quite a bit of thought into the type of plants I wanted. With that in mind, I selected plants that were, in a way, evergreen.  Yes, some produce flowers but that was to attract birds.  The greenery of the leaves vary in appearance from glossy to matt to variegated types.  What this all means is, our garden always looks green, attractive, but most of all, alive!!  It will also last many years to come…with the right care and attention of course.

This Evergreen Riesling is similar to the plants in my garden.  Meticulous care has gone into putting it together.  It’s youthful, it’s attractive, it’s alive and it will develop even more in the coming years.

Beautifully aromatic and unmistakably Riesling. Vivacious on tasting it thanks to lively citrus characters of lemons (mainly) and limes, lemon sherbet, crisp fresh and mouth-watering acidity, a nice little bit of texture too and excellent length.  Deeeelicious!!

Shanahans Wines Website

Region: Eden Valley, SA     Price: $23     Source: Sample thanks kindly to Shanahans Wines

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