2016 Huntington Estate Block 3 Cabernet Sauvignon

I have a lot of books, many of which are biographies.  I can vividly remember buying the first volume of a particular book about a famous individual, and not putting it down until I’d read it from front to back (obviously,  back to front would’ve been weird).  It was about his youth, his enthusiasm for life, him slowly growing up, reaching puberty and leaving home.  Then my patience was tested.  I had to wait for volume 2 to be released!  I feel it’s the same with this wine.  It seems to me I have been lucky enough to read volume one of its life while volume 2 waits within its great fruit, obvious but balanced tannins and terrific structure.  I’d better get me a bottle and put it away so I get to ‘read’ volume 2 in a few years and see where life took it. 

A beautiful dark red colour as it settled into the glass.  I know people talk about flavours lingering but, believe me when I say, the aromas seem to linger long with this wine.  It was like the black fruit and slightly spicy aromas hung around the olfactory senses refusing to leave.  This was pretty exciting, an excellent prelude into what was about to happen on the palate, and let me tell you, it was an absolute pleasure.  Rich and bold dark fruits, a touch of liquorice, creamy dark chocolate, slightly savoury/spicy, a hint of oak, obvious but balanced tannins (as mentioned previously) and very good length.  That sums up the palate perfectly for me.  This is a lovely wine that will require patience to see just what ‘volume 2’ will reveal. 

Huntington Estate Website

Region: Mudgee, NSW     Price: $75     Source: Sample thanks to Huntington Estate

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