Bloodwood Rieslings. Old and New

Comparing old with new can be a bit unfair at times.  I know my 1996 Toyota Hilux flat-tray 2-wheel drive ute does not compare with today’s model.  It would have been like comparing mine when it was released with the 1971 model.  There is constantly so much advancement in the motor vehicle industry, it is pointless doing those sorts of comparisons.  And it is not just motor vehicles.  Televisions, mobile phones, toasters and the list goes on. 

Comparing old and new wines, however, is a totally different thing.  I really like comparing old wines with their current releases and, when I get that opportunity, I grab it! Unlike my old ute, wine can and does change over time, and most of the time for the better.

2018 Bloodwood Riesling

I realise it is only three years old but the colour is such that you’d think it was barely a year in bottle.  It’s young, fresh and vibrant on the citrus dominant nose with just a hint of floral like characters.  Mostly limey on the flavoursome palate but again it’s the freshness and zingyness that I love about this wine.  There’s a lemon sherbet like texture as well, juicy acidity that makes your mouth water and excellent length. I loved this wine.

Region: Orange, NSW     Price: $32     Source: Sample thanks to Bloodwood Wines and Define Wine

2010 Bloodwood Riesling

Let me start by saying, the general consensus among some wine appreciative friends who tried this was, it was five, maybe six years old…not eleven!!  It still has some primary citrus notes on the nose coupled with subtle honey and floral like characters. Still with some citrus brightness on the palate, the acid still holding its own, honey characters just starting to show and really good length.  What a treat!

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