2018 McLean Bay Pinot Noir

If you didn’t know, our newly elected Premier is Peter Gutwein.  Pretty much all of us down here in Tassie pronounce it as Gutt-wen.  As it turns out, and how cool is this, in German it means ‘Good Wine’!  Considering he is our Premier, and we have great wine in Tasmania, I think he should consider changing his name to Peter Großwein (that’s German for ‘great wine’).  I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to it.  I go as far to say that I would probably vote for him next time if he did (tongue in cheek moment).

This is a lovely, elegant Tassie Pinot Noir that could easily be a contributor to the Großwein tag.  It’s a terrific pinot colour and the varietal characters don’t stop there.  It spreads to the nose and palate so easily.  The aromas are so subtle but present (if you know what I mean) with dark cherries, ripe strawberries and a little bit leafy.  The flavours are such that, yes it’s Pinot Noir as I mentioned earlier, but there is that little more ‘something’ to it, but what that something is escapes me.  The cherries and strawberries are here too.  Add a touch of spice, a hint of oak, silky tannins, good persistence and that ‘something’ I mentioned earlier, and it equals a mighty fine, gold medal winning (2019 International Cool Climate Wine Show), Tassie Pinot Noir.  It’s a gutwein and it gets my vote!

Maclean Bay Wines Website

Region: East Coast, Tasmania     Price: $37     Source: Self Purchase


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