2018 Carillion Origins ‘Fenestella’ Shiraz

I heard someone say today that, when you have a thought, you can’t get rid of it. It’s there until another thought comes into your head. It’s true. Think about it. I know you’re going to think this is a bit strange but when I saw the word ‘Carillion’ on the label, I had a thought and it stuck with me. It was, it would be a good word to use in a similar sort of context to ‘million’, ‘billion’ or ‘trillion’, you know, like a measure of something.  I can hear a Gen Z saying, “Like, I’ve told you like, a Carillion times I don’t like broccoli.”  Do you know what I mean?  However, from a Baby Boomer (just), I could tell you a Carillion things about this wine but I’ll keep it to a paragraph.

On the nose, the wine seems serious, like it’s here to make a statement.  And it does but in a profound and polite way. Same when you taste it too.  This is a very good example of a wine that can be rich and concentrated but sits perfectly in the medium bodied spectrum.  There’s a menagerie of black, red and blue fruits providing plenty for the taste buds to contemplate in a calm and considered way.  Tannins are fine…perfectly fine, as they present on the long and elegant finish to this lovely Hunter Valley Shiraz.  Yes, everything is very primary at the moment, can’t deny that, yet it is still approachable and quite delicious.


Region: Hunter Valley, NSW

Price: $60 (worth every penny)

Source: Sample courtesy of Carillion Wines and Define Wine

Origins 2018 'Fenestella' Shiraz
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