2019 Clandestine Vineyards McLaren Vale Shiraz

I no longer run anywhere.  These days it’s walking and to call it brisk would be an overstatement.  Near where I live there’s an area of sports fields where I like to walk. It’s not very exciting but it is flat and the grass is thick and always cut to a nice cushioning length.  I was walking there recently and out of nowhere came about half a dozen swallows (the bird variety) darting around at speed and low to the ground.  They were so smooth and effortless at times I wondered if they were actually using their wings!  Their stamina was incredible too. It went on for the entire time I was there and was pretty impressive to watch.  Talking of smooth, effortless and impressive, this wine will have you interested in a different type of ‘swallow’.

A terrific deep-ish, inky purple colour in the glass screams youthful…and it is.  The aromas of (mostly) red berries and herbs and a touch of spice prepared my palate perfectly.  It’s beautifully weighted.  I’d like to say medium bodied but it seems richer than that, yet has a certain elegance about it. There’s plenty of delicious dark fruits to the fore, a liquorice like thing happening, an earthiness yet a freshness too and finishing with smooth effortless tannins. The swallows were impressive to watch but this was impressive once swallowed.

Region: McLaren Vale, SA

Price: $30

Source: Sample thanks kindly to https://clandestinevineyards.com.au/ and https://savvycomms.ninja/

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  1. Just Add More Wine says:

    Sounds divine


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