2018 Clandestine Vineyards McLaren Vale Grenache

You’re not going to believe this, just like I didn’t when I read it; Grenache achieved the highest price per tonne in Australia for 2020 and one of only two that broke the $1000 mark (thanks Mr Halliday).  Considering it was the main subject of the vine pull scheme in 1987 and, before that, mainly used for the production of sort of out-of-favour fortified wine, I think this is somewhat of a damn good result!  This shows, quite pleasingly, as far as I’m concerned, just how deservedly popular Grenache currently is,  I can honestly say that. since I was introduced to it way back when, I have always been a fan of Grenache.  I just think it is an honest wine (don’t ask me what I mean by this, it’s just what I think about it) that consistently shows its best without having to do much.  Here is another to add to the list of go-to Grenaches.

Very inviting on the nose thanks to it being quite floral (I know, sounds strange for a red wine) with plenty of red berry freshness.  Tasting it was what got me in.  Gee it’s a good’un.  Those red berries are back along with some ripe cherries, some spiciness, pepperiness, a touch of sweetness and there’s a hint of oak (strangely maybe for a Grenache) and it is very nicely balanced.  It borders on medium bodied, which is not normal for a Grenache but it doesn’t distract from the wine at all and it finishes quite long for the variety.  This says a lot about the attention to the (very good) winemaking.  This has the ‘Yum’ factor and it’s because of wines like this that Grenache has become a crowd favourite as a table wine…again!

Region: McLaren Vale, SA

Price: $30 Source:

Sample thanks kindly to https://clandestinevineyards.com.au/ and https://savvycomms.ninja/

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