2016 Salena Estate ‘BFR’ Riverland Touriga Langrein Cabernet Sauvignon

I don’t swear much.  Well, I try not to swear much.  However, when I pulled this wine out of the box and felt the weight of the bottle, saw BFR in big letters standing out like dogs you-know-whats on the label, I immediately wondered if the initials stood for Big F#*king Red.  Let me add though, it makes for a pretty impressive first impression.  I couldn’t help but wonder if the 750 millilitres of red wine contained within was going to be a Big (beep) Red.  So, let me tell you what I discovered.

OMG (that means ‘oh my god’ for you older folk), it is an incredibly deep, beautiful colour.  The aromas are a bit deceptive really.  It smells rich and there’s dark cherry aromas, yet a fresh red fruit like character as well.  I suppose I was expecting something more into the darker fruit spectrum but, don’t get me wrong, I was not disappointed, not by any means.

The array of flavours you cop when tasting it stimulate the palate in so many delightful ways.  Rich and fulsome flavours of juicy, plump, ripe blackberries and plums are the main attention grabbers.  It’s also a little licoricey, a little spicy and a little chocolatey but a lot of mouth coating wine with lovely, fine, powdery like tannins on the nice, lingering finish.

I thought I had moved away from this style of wine but I can honestly say this one may well have brought me back.  Very good gear!

Region: Riverland, SA

Price: $99

Source: Sample thanks kindly to https://www.salenaestate.com.au/ and https://savvycomms.ninja/

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