2018 Angullong Orange Region Merlot

On the weekend, just as it started to rain, we managed to finish the mulching but we didn’t get a chance to look and admire our handiwork.  Once inside out of the rain, I looked out of our lounge-room window over the front garden and, while doing so, a blackbird landed on one of the pencil pines.  With his glossy black coloured feathers, he stood out against the green leaves of the pencil pine.  The blackbird balanced perfectly as he seemed to look at me through one of his yellow ringed eyes then scanned the front yard.  I’d like to think he was admiring our work too but I doubt it.

As it happens, Merlot is believed to come from the word Merle the French name for the blackbird.  It’s more to do with the similarity between the colours of the blackbird and the colour the Merlot grape than anything else.  This Merlot had my attention longer than the blackbird did that’s for sure.

Varietal, vibrant and youthful aromas of plums, dark-ish cherries and a hint of spice are a very pleasant introduction to this wine.  The palate was also a pleasant suprise.  It was medium bodied but flavoursome and sort of generous (I typed and deleted this word a couple of times while tasting it.  In the end, it deserved to be in the sentence).  There’s very good balance between dark and red fruit characters that come together nicely in the form of body and freshness.  It may also be a little herbal, a little liquoricey, a little savoury but it has a lot of ‘easy drinking’ qualities.  I don’t know if it will cellar but does it really matter?  This is very good right now I reckon.

Angullong Wines Website

Region: Orange, NSW     Price: $22     Source: Sample courtesy of Angullong wines and Define Wine

Angullong Merlot 2018

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