2018 Shanahans ‘Silence is Golden’ Barossa Valley Shiraz

The meaning of ‘Silence is Golden’ is not befitting of this wine. Not by a long shot!  It pretty much means that it is often wise to say nothing.  Now, if I was the winemaker or owner or wine rep of this bottle of Barossa Shiraz, I would not be remaining silent.  Taste this wine and you will know exactly what I mean.  Seriously!  Get on the website and buy some.  When word gets out, this wine will sell out in a heart-beat. 

In 1964, the Four Seasons released a song called ‘Silence is Golden’ in which the chorus is, “Silence is golden, but my eyes still see”.  Well, when it comes to this wine, the eyes see a beautiful colour, the nose is spoiled for aromas and the palate is flooded with flavours.  If you didn’t already pick up on it, I’m excited!

It’s a lovely deep, dark and youthful purple/crimson colour.  Pretty intense aromas of dark fruits, dark chocolate and oak which is a tad deceiving because you think your palate is going to be smashed with big amounts of fruit and oak.  Well, you do but in such very well measured and considered way.   Rich, juicy black fruits are the star of the show (blackberries, dark cherries, even a nice plum like hit on the mid palate), there’s a dark chocolate/cocoa like flavour, it’s a little earthy too and the oak and silky-smooth tannins are perfectly played complementing the whole package that is a terrific wine.

Shanahans Wines Website

Region: Barossa Valley, SA Price: $30 (Bargain!) Source: Retail purchase

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