2019 Hastwell & Lightfoot Vermentino

I’m a creature of habit.  A bit of routine man.  I can’t help it, especially of a morning when I do certain things in a particular order.  One of those ‘things’ is to check the news headlines.  As we all know, lately it has been about that dreaded, life changing, virus and how many have died in this country and that country.  It’s pretty constant and I understand why we need to hear about it.  I just think we need to have the same amount of good news stories to balance out the bad news especially considering where I work, where there is rarely good news to share with my ‘audience’.

Recently I came home from work late…again, and found this wine in the fridge.  I’d had one of ‘those’ days and I have to say, I was so glad this was ready to be explored, examined and enjoyed!  It seemed to have such a revitalising and relaxing effect at the same time.  Not that wine is the answer to these sorts of situations all the time, but on this occasion, it was very welcome.

It starts off so so well.  Loved the citrus fruit aromas then everything seemed to ramp up on the palate.  So clean and fresh with ever-present juicy lemons and limes with a nice touch of fleshy tropical fruit-like characters adding texture and (just enough) palate weight.  Terrific yet soft and balanced acidity partner the fruit characters perfectly as it seemingly takes ages to fade from the palate.

My wife and I loved this wine.  It is a simply delicious, beautiful example of the variety.

Hastwell and Lightfoot Website

Region: Mclaren Vale, SA     Price: $25     Source: Sample thanks to Hastwell & Lightfoot and Define Wine

Hastwell & Lightfoot Vermentino 2019

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