2019 Hastwell & Lightfoot Fiano

Unfortunately, these days there is no overseas travel occurring anywhere, or interstate for that matter.  You don’t even see any advertisements on television spruiking cheap flights or fancy holiday destinations, and definitely not cruise ship holidays!

Getting to taste a wine of this variety took me back to a trip we made to Campania, the primary region of Italy where Fiano is grown.  The Romans knew it as Campania Felix, meaning ‘fertile countryside’ or ‘happy countryside’.  I think the region fits both of these meanings.


It is a very pretty area taking in the Amalfi Coast (pictured above), including Sorrento and the island of Capri, very attractive places to international visitors.  Mount Vesuvius also looming large over the archaeological attraction of Pompeii. I distinctly remember when we stopped for lunch in Sorrento, the beautiful facades of the buildings, some of which had been around for hundreds of years, had been so meticulously maintained.  It was quite surreal making me realise, even now, how young our Country is.

This is a lovely, lovely wine from start to finish.  A beautiful, intense fruit driven nose, almost fruit salad like with just a hint of sweetness.  When I tasted it, that intensity was ever-present.  It’s lively and fresh on the palate where there’s stone fruits (think peaches and apricots) with excellent citrus fruit acidity together with a perfectly complementary, very slight, honey like sweetness.  The mouth filling flavours plus some good texture linger long on a very nice finish indeed.  I very much enjoyed this wine.

Hastwell & Lightfoot Website

Region: McLaren Vale, SA     Price: $25     Source: Sample thanks to Hastwell & Lightfoot and Define Wine

Hastwell & Lightfoot Fiano 2019


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