2017 Bailey Wine Co Watervale Riesling

I poured this Riesling for a mate recently and he was impressed.  It prompted him to say that he couldn’t understand why Riesling is among the lowest for sales of white wine in Australia.  I won’t go into what his role is in the industry but he has been a part of it for most, if not all, of his working life so he knows his stuff.  I was a bit surprised but, more so, felt sad hearing that statement.  Just my opinion of course, but it is one of the most versatile varieties in the world and so food friendly.  You really can’t go wrong when buying a bottle of this noble of white grape varieties.

Lovely perfumed citrusy nose to this wine that spoke so proudly of Watervale.  Plenty of flavour for all and sundry for sure.  Now, I could give you the usual descriptors when it comes to Riesling, and most of them are in this wine, but what has to be mentioned is the unmistakable attractiveness and downright deliciousness of the wine.  I can’t speak enough about that.  Add delicate soft acid to the plenty of flavour I mentioned earlier and the persistence on the finish, and you have a ripper Riesling for a ripper price.

Bailey Wine Co Website

Region: Watervale, SA     Price: $25     Source: Online purchase (of sorts)

Bailey Wine Co Rizza

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