2019 Bailey Wine Co Mount Gambier Rosé

Hands up if you like rosé.  Hands up if you like Pinot Noir rosé.  You lot are going to love this wine.  For those of you who did not put your hand up, you need to pay attention.  This is another Pinot Noir rosé that is going to change your mind.

Now, I’m the first to admit to being a bit skeptical about rosé being made from the Pinot Noir grape variety.  I just wasn’t so sure about the body and flavour it could present in a rosé style of wine (not that there should be a lot of body in a rosé but it definitely needs to have flavour).  Among some others I’ve tried in this category, this one is an ‘all hands up’ type of rosé that needs to be in your fridge ready for summer.

It’s pale pink in colour which, I have to say, didn’t excite me to start with.  That trepidation was soon quashed when I smelt it.  Great nose I have to say.  Strawberries and cream and we even detected a hint of kiwi fruit in there too.  A delicious, delicate, creamy, flavoursome palate to get the ball rolling.  Those strawberry notes showing up again, citrusy characters adding a nice acidic dimension to the fruit, texture to boot and a pretty good, dry finish too.  At the end of the day, without question, it’s a delightful rosé.

Bailey Wine Co Website

Region: Mount Gambier, SA    Price: $22 (bargain)   Source: Online purchase..sort of. 🙂

Bailey Wine Co rose

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