2016 Angullong Orange Region Cabernet Sauvignon

After tasting this wine from the Orange region of New South Wales, it got me thinking.  Is it getting to the point where the list of the more well known Cabernet Sauvignon regions of Australia is becoming longer?  I say this because I have been lucky enough to try a number of wines made from this variety that were from the lesser known areas.  I won’t go into them all but I would like you to think about the place this wine comes from.  Orange, New South Wales.  It’s not the first Cabernet I’ve tried from Orange but it is certainly one of the best.  That’s my opinion only of course, so I strongly suggest you find this wine and try it.

The bold nose is Cabernet Sauvignon for sure.  Helloooooo blackberries!

Better than medium bodied, the palate has dense and rich black fruits (but not rich rich if you know what I mean) of blackberries and currants and juicy dark cherries.  It is so smooth and has a creamy texture on the medium length finish with just a delicate spice hit as well to add to the moreishness of this wine.  I really liked it and loved the price even more!

Angullong. Website

Region: Orange, NSW     Price: $22 (bargain)     Source: Sample courtesy of Angullong Wines and Define Wine


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