2014 Grey Sands Pinot Noir

The words ‘Pinot Noir’ are pretty much part of the Tasmanian vernacular these days.  When Tasmanian wine comes up in a conversation, no matter who I speak with, Pinot Noir gets quite a bit of the attention over the other popular varieties.  There is so much good quality pinot coming out of the ‘Island State’ that even wineries on the big island are purchasing fruit to make a Tassie Pinot, buying vineyards or buying land and planting vines.  That’s a good sign don’t you think?

Well, Bob & Rita Richter saw the potential in planting a vineyard and growing grapes for wine production way back in 1989.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but foresight is what pays off.  Well done Bob & Rita I say.

It may well be five years old but it still has a lovely deep colour.  Now, the colour  may have you questioning its varietalness (I don’t think that’s a word) and origin.  Look past that and onto the aromas and the taste.  It is most definitely Pinot Noir, and Tassie.  No question.

Plums, dark cherries with a sweet red fruit influence sort of thing (sorry, I know this sounds odd) that adds a freshness or youthfulness if you like.  It’s quite mouthfilling, not in a rich or full bodied way but more of a plenty-of-flavour sort of way without taking away from that varietalness I mentioned earlier.  It’s lovely and smooth and little bit vanilla like on the finish that lingers very nicely indeed.  Tannins have almost integrated at this point of its development meaning you can tell they are present but don’t impinge on the enjoyment of drinking the wine.  To finish off, I’m going to sum this wine up in five words. Balanced with a bright future.

Grey Sands Website

Region: Glengarry, Northern Tasmania     Price: $55     Source: Sample thanks to Grey Sands

Grey Sands Pinot_Noir 2014

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