Pizzini Pietra Rossa Sangiovese

This is my second Australian Sangiovese in four days.  Admittedly tonight, it was always going to be a Sangiovese.  When my daughter kindly said she was going to put together a very nice spicy tomato based pasta dish, this variety of wine had to be in a glass by its side.  Walking through the bottle shop, I spotted this one and it easily grabbed my attention.  To be honest, mainly because I knew the wine but, I don’t remember ever having a Pizzinia Sangiovese and this was the perfect opportunity.

Really good start thanks to aromas of spicy dark cherries and blackcurrants of which were delicate yet abundant at the same time.

It’s deliciously full on yet sitting nicely medium bodied.  Definitely dark cherries with their skins still attached, juicy plums are part of the game, terrific soft smooth tannins that linger too with the addition of a savoury element that brings it home.  Just so you know, it’s pretty easy to drink and gee it proved popular with my family.

What a great value wine.  Whether it be with family, friends or anyone else in between,  you really need to find, buy, try then drink this wine.  They deserve it and so do you.

Pizzini Website

Region: King Valley, Victoria     Price: $28     Source: Retail Purchase


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