2017 Main & Cherry McLaren Vale Sangiovese

I reckon when this wine was bottled it took an oath.  An oath along the lines of, “I promise to show the fruit, the whole fruit and, to a certain extent, nothing but the fruit so help me god I swear”.  It’s lived up to that promise.

Everything about this wine is vibrant, fresh, juicy and eminently drinkable!  Juicy red fruits lead the charge on both the nose and palate.  There’s some definite cherry characters on the flanks with some smooth savoury tannins bringing up the rear.  By the end of our Friday night, the bottle was empty.  I’m pretty sure the angels didn’t get their share so it’s not hard to guess where the contents ended up.

Main & Cherry Website

Region: McLaren Vale, SA     Price: $25     Source: Online Purchase


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