2016 Dalrymple Cave Block Chardonnay

A couple of weeks back I wrote about a Tasmanian Chardonnay.  I commented how this variety in my home state was playing second, third or maybe even forth fiddle to other varieties.  I really hope punters start taking a closer look at Tassie Chardonnay because (winemaker) Peter Caldwell at Dalrymple is coming up with gems like this one that need to be closely inspected and enthusiastically consumed.

There was a lot of time and energy dedicated to this wine beginning with hand-picked and hand-sorted fruit.  Immediately this tells me that attention to detail has been paid to this wine.  It was matured in French oak barrels that were turned to allow for lees contact during this maturation process.  It’s made a scrumptious yet delicate impact on the finished wine.

It did take some coaxing but eventually there were subtle yet pretty aromatics.  Peachy and a touch spicy I thought.  Totally different when drinking it.  Wow! Lovely and rich without having that ‘overdone-ness’ to it if you know what I mean.  Say hello to some creaminess, some macadamia/almond/cashew nut notes and those peachy and (slight) spicy characters show themselves here too, and it finishes long, strong and fresh with the support of good soft delicate acidity.  There is plenty given in this wine for the consumer for very little dollars in return.

Dalrymple Website

Regioin: Tassie     Price: $38     Source: Wine Tasting


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