2015 Mérite Wrattonbully Cabernet

More often than not, when someone pays a premium price for a wine they expect a premium wine.  If they don’t get what they thought they were forking out for, there is usually a bit of a hoo-haa and carry on.  Fair enough I suppose.  I’m sure I’ve experienced that.  What about if you got a super premium wine at a very reasonable price?  Like me, I don’t reckon there would be too many complaints, if any!

When the quality cork was pulled, there was a distinctive Cabernet aroma and a juicy one at that.  The colour is incredible.  Very youthful looking, primary is the most common word I suppose, but either way, you can tell this is barely out of nappies.

Delicious black berries, black currants, black cherries and black plums (dark plums but black plums worked better here) are sitting nicely in all the seats of a sleek, black Lamborghini as it cruises along effortlessly.  This has been beautifully built, very nicely put together, and so comfortable in a glass.  A wine that will turn heads, deserves the best parking spot in your cellar and requires very limited maintenance to ensure a long life.

Merite Wines Website

Region: Wrattonbully, SA     Price: $60     Source: Generous Gift (Thanks Colleen)


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