2016 Holm Oak Pinot Noir

Tassie Pinot Noir is so alluring no matter what form it comes in across all levels.  Entry level, Estate Range or Premium, the colours, aromas and flavours contribute to a cavalcade of the curious and connoisseur alike from far and wide wanting to see what all this fuss, or should I say class, is about.

When I started pouring this wine I wondered where the rest of the colour was, so I stopped, put the cap back on and gave it a swirl.  Maybe some of it had settled to the bottom or stuck to the side of the bottle.  Well, it made no difference (as expected).  It’s light in colour no doubt about that but it doesn’t prepare for what else it has to offer.

Hello to a bright and fragrant nose with cherries, red berries and spices then all of this glides effortlessly onto the palate.  Toss in some strawberries, herby/leafy notes, smooth silky like tannins and you have damn good, light to medium bodied, Tassie Pinot Noir that proved difficult to put away after one glass.

Holm Oak Website

Region: Tamar Valley, Tasmania     Price: $32     Source: Online Retail Purchase


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