2017 The Natural Wine Co. Organic Shiraz

I honestly like the idea of natural, organic, preservative free wine.  Varieties treated in a way to bring out their ‘true colours’ if you like.  This one is made that way and it certainly ticks all the right boxes.  The most important box that it ticks for me is, it is a good and enjoyable wine to drink.

I think it starts at a good level and maintains that spot right to the end.  It has primary aromas and flavours of blueberries and dark(ish) cherries that are there from the outset with a nice savoury/spicy/stemmy note adding an interesting complexity if you like.  It doesn’t move far beyond the mid palate but I don’t think it was meant to do that anyway so it is perfect in that sense.  Also, at this price, I don’t think it was built to be cellared and why would you bother.  Good wine at a really good price…tuck in I say.

The Natural Wine Co. Website

Region: Central Ranges, NSW     Price: $18     Source: Sample courtesy of Define Wine


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