2015 Levantine Hill Melissa’s Paddock Yarra Valley Syrah

I was recently in a cafe that I frequent enjoying a cup of tea with a mate and he mentioned how the cafe had a good reputation but he’d never stepped foot in the place.  When questioned on it further he outlined that he had a regular place that consistently served up good coffee just the way he liked it, exactly like the one he was drinking in my favourite little establishment.

My mate did point out that the coffee was more expensive (marginally I might add) than where he usually goes but it was worth it because the cafe didn’t seem to be a “churn’em out” sort of place where they call your name when it’s take-away or give you a number when you sit at a table.

Reputation may get people into my favourite cafe but to keep them coming back, they need to be consistent and not just with one thing but with everything they do.

Levantine Hill have certainly built a reputation for everything they do since being established in 2009.  Winemaker, Paul Bridgeman, has been at the helm since 2013 cementing that reputation by consistently making quality wines from the Coldstream Guard range to the top of the tree, Family Paddock wines like this one.

Fresh, bold, dark fruits from nose to palate give the impression this wine is going to be a whopper (I could take in the aromas all day!) yet that fruit power seems so well controlled and evenly distributed in the mouth.  Flavours galore with licorice, dark chocolate (just a coating), delicate spice are all in there and perfectly balanced.  Tannins are there too but they are so smooth and silky adding to an incredible length you just don’t want to end.  Mind you, I love that it seems to fade away slowly like the end of the Beatles song ‘Hey Jude’ (it’s in your head now isn’t it?)

Levantine Hill Website

Region: Yarra Valley, Victoria     Price: $200     Source: Generous gift

LH Melissas Paddock

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